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**Price does not include cost of groceries. 


7 entrees/ 2 servings with one side 

Feeds single person 2 meals for 7 days 


Initial consultation and food preference evaluation

Personalized recipes and menu planning

Same day shopping for the freshest ingredients available

In-home meal preparation

Packaging and storing of meals for your convenience

Detailed heating instructions

Kitchen cleanup concluding in-home services


Premium Meal Package

SKU: 364215376135191
  • * Pricing is based on Chef Devi’s time spent preparing and reflects a labor discount for retaining monthly meal packages. A la carte and fully customized personal chef services are $45.00 per hour plus groceries, based on availability.

    * Special diets may incur an additional fee based on the research and planning required.

    * Grocery costs are extra above service fee and will vary based on client specifications such as organic, premium meats and grocery store preferences, if any.

    * Servings will include multiple entree's and one side dish unless the entree includes a vegetable or starch - casserole, pasta, etc. unless other changes are agreed upon by chef and client in writing. I am extremely flexible; my goal is to give you the best possible positive culinary experience.

    *One time food container and delivery bag fee will apply for new clients based on package selected/customized.

    * All prices are subject to change.

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