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With 8 years of professional experience Devi Johnson-Evans is a high-end personal chef and culinary consultant working with corporations, non-profits, individuals and family's in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the country. Her background in hospitality management creates a unique experience for her clients: a sensitive attention to detail with a firm understanding of front and back of the house operations. 

Specializing in multi-cultural farm-to-table dishes that are balanced and uncompromising in flavor, Chef Devi and her team thrive at creating approachable opportuntities to redefine "healthy" with various services that include; engaging in person and virtual cooking/wine tasting classes, customized lifestyle meal planning, developing food and nutrition focused programs, curating on-site full-service dining experiences and more.




My own issue as a diagnosed diabetic has made me passionate about eating smart and being satisfied within my taste buds and “food soul.”  So many people have similar struggles as a result of conditioned food contamination.  I create, cultivate, deliver, and design meals that mesh the perfect mix of quality meats and veggies, the finest ingredients, with aromas and eye catching presentations that make your stomach smile and your life longer.

I want to know what you want to eat.  Not what you have to eat, but what you enjoy.  This creates the menu marriage that provides optimum satisfaction for your commitment, your health, and your ideal food fantasy.  The results are realized annually when you visit your doctor, daily when you look in the mirror and recognize your desired body, and during each meal when your mouth, mind, and heart salute you.

I thrive at creating nutritious, smart, hearty dishes that taste as good as and better than the foods you have been trained to enjoy.

This is the Chef Devi Design for your Life with Food!

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